In a Town That's Cold and Grey

I woke up this morning to snow dusted across sidewalks and tree branches, slowly being washed away by a muffled rainfall. I love snow. I love rain. This combination of the two was just exactly what I needed this Saturday.

I walked into the dark living room and turned the heat on, waiting for that click and the smell of electric warmth that follows. After taking a shower and curling my hair, I finally decided to just put a hat on and slipped into some boots.  I was walking to the door, umbrella in hand when my phone rang and my boss, Bahar, was on the other line. She told me that all the shops on the Downtown Mall were pretty much closed or closing, so if I was still at home I could just stay there.

Rob was still in bed and didn't have to be at work until ten, so I woke him up and we headed to Para for some coffee. Saturday morning together used to be our thing, but we haven't had a free one in months. 

It's cold out there.

I'm not a big Halloween fan, but the end of October is one of my favorite times of the year. I find myself truly happy when surrounded with the sound of rain falling, a warm cup, a dry blanket and a good book.

Get comfy today, friends. I sure will.