Blogging And Photography

Where did the name "Freckled Italian" come from?
I am approximately half Irish and half Italian. I wanted a blog name that sort of described me without being too specific, and Freckled Italian is exactly where I landed. It was one of those things that you think about for a while--when I first started my blog, it was awkwardly titled some things about megan and no one but my roommates, boyfriend, and parents read it.

Can I use a photo or recipe of yours on my own blog?
Sure! Knock yourself out--I just ask that you please give me credit and link to the actual blog post in which you found the photo, recipe, passage, whatever it is that you're using. If you have any questions about anything regarding sourcing my work properly, please feel free to send me an email!

Do you make money blogging?
FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a for-profit blog. I work with sponsors and show display ads through media networks. I also have ad spots available for purchase and will occasionally use affiliate links in my posts. This means that if you click a link I post or an ad in my sidebar and then buy something, I might make a small commission. This doesn't affect you or your purchase in any way. I care about my readers and the integrity of my blog more than any commissions I might make, so I promise that I'll only link to something I would use or do use myself.

Work And Education

What did you study in undergrad?
I majored in English and minored in Creative Writing at Longwood University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in May of 2010. Then I went to Hollins University for a graduate program in Children's Literature, and I finished a Master of Arts in October of 2012.

On what exactly did you write your master's thesis?
My thesis focused on the lack of female friendship in Disney's Princess films and connected that to Mean Girls. I posted a few excerpts from the bibliographic essay I wrote for my thesis right here if you'd like to learn more.

Personal Life And Paleo

Wait, where do you live? You seem to have moved a lot.
After a year in Minneapolis, we thought we were going to settle down in Charlotte, North Carolina. After two years in Charlotte, Rob got a job offer in the Bay Area, so now we live in California!

When I graduated from Longwood (which is in Farmville, Virginia) in 2010, I moved back to Roanoke (where I grew up) and got an apartment downtown. I worked for my parents and started grad school. A year later, Rob graduated from Hampden-Sydney and got into a year-long graduate program at UVA, so we decided to move to Charlottesville together. I worked in a coffee shop and wrote my thesis there. When that was done, we both moved back to my parents' house at Smith Mountain Lake for the summer. Rob moved to Northern Virginia to start work and I stayed at my parents' house. In February of 2013, Rob took a position in the Twin Cities, and I joined him there in August of 2013. In August of 2014, we made the move to North Carolina. Then in September of 2016 we drove across the country to California. 

It goes Virginia, more Virginia, Minnestota, North Carolina, California--for two people not at all associated with the military, I do think we've moved a lot.

How long have you and Rob been together?
We had been together for five years when we got married on May 3, 2014.

How long have you been Paleo? Why? 
I changed my diet to Paleo in December of 2011. You can read more about that here. My mom is the one who introduced me to the diet, and she and I stick to it pretty strictly. For a few years I was eating that way almost 100%, now it's more like 80-85%. I love it so much I wrote a book!

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