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Some Things You May Not Know About Me v.4
Some Things You May Not Know About Me | Freckled Italian

I am absolutely obsessed with rowing since joining my new gym and I'm totally looking in to joining a rowing club at some point so I can try it out on the water sometime.  

I'm usually home all day but never charge my phone. Anytime Rob is around he always has to remind me to plug it in.

I've been rewatching lots of Friends episodes lately and I think Phoebe is my favorite.

I have an appointment at my hair salon today to go even lighter and I am so excited about it. Also in December I chopped 5-6 inches off and immediately regretted it, even though my hair was super long. For the longest time I was going darker and darker, but it's been fun to experiment a bit this past year or so.

I know every word to the song "Miami" by Will Smith. It's embarrassing.

I've gotten rid of approximately one big bag of clothes every month for at least the past year and I still have more things in my closet than I know what to do with. 

What are some things I might not know about you?

Photo by Virginia Ashley Photography.

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Some Things You May Not Know About Me v.3
Some Things You May Not Know About Me | Freckled Italian

I love writing things on paper and could definitely not function with just an electronic calendar--I live and die by my planner. Similarly, I've never been able to get into e-books or reading any sort of book on an iPad or Nook. I need to be able to underline.

I have two tattoos and am planning my third.

When we were in Miami for a few days I was able to start putting my thoughts together in Spanish and it really made me want to start practicing again, but I almost don't even know where to start. I have good reading and comprehension but my speaking skills are so rusty that I don't feel confident in Spanish conversation at all. I know it won't get better until I start using it, though.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to cry so I'll play the song "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry. It devastates me every time.

I was starting to think that maybe I didn't have a gluten intolerance after all but on Saturday I ate three pieces of bread and a slice of pizza and ended up puking my guts out for an hour, so I think I'm going to cool it for a while. This isn't the first time, and I always feel kind of foolish for putting my body through the things I sometimes do to it. But, I mean...bread.

I have a phobia of big character body suits, like the Chick-Fil-A cow or any sports team mascot. I don't like clowns either and I think they all feel the same to me in some way.

What are some things people don't know about you?

Photo by Virginia Ashley Photography.

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Some Things You May Not Know About Me v.2
Some Things You May Not Know About Me v.2 | Freckled Italian

I love to take really hot showers. Like, really super duper skin-scalding hot showers.

In a perfect world (and when they're on sale), I eat an avocado every day. Just slice it open, sprinkle salt, pepper, and cayenne powder, then dig right in with a spoon.

I have a great love and appreciation for things that are dramatic and dark, but if it happens at night then I need to watch or read something funny right after. Game of Thrones is my favorite show in the world but you bet your ass I'm usually watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother before bed.

Taking care of Ender has greatly reduced my day-to-day anxiety and I think service dogs must really be little angels sent from heaven to people who need them, because Ender's just a normal dog who is pretty crazy a lot of the time and I still feel like he's helped me in more ways than I can count. Also this gives me a lot of hope for motherhood because I always worry that I'm going to be an insane mom who is afraid of everything but I'm starting to think I'll be able to handle it.

I really don't love public speaking, but I would say my ability to do it is at least respectable. Whenever I finish delivering a speech or presentation I always feel really good but then can't remember any detail of it because I'm pretty sure I black out when speaking in front of others.

I always knew I liked noodles but now I know I love noodles. Paleo, you're great but I'm having a big bowl of pho once this Whole30 is over.

Photo by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis.

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