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We moved into our Charlotte apartment seven months ago, but we're only beginning to find places for those details that really make a place feel like home. In an effort to find the motivation to finally settle in, I thought I'd start sharing some peeks of our apartment in the form of a home tour, here on the blog.

You may have seen this view of our living room setup (and a closer look at our awesome bookcase here) before, but I haven't shown you guys where we usually spend our time at home--on the couch and at the table (although let's face it, it's mostly on the couch). And a word to all of you who told me the No Dog On The Couch rule would only last a week or two--you were right.

Minted was kind enough to let me pick out a few prints for our living room and I chose this one to go above our couch-I liked the abstract, modern vibe and I thought the colors would look lovely with our couch and all the other grey and black details we have going on in this space.

On the opposite side of the living room from the couch is a little dinner table that we barely ever use unless we have company over, but I've been working from there a lot since we got Ender. I picked a similar print from the same artist who did the one above our couch, since they're both in the same room and facing each other. Minted also sent me some gorgeous fabric to use as a table runner, and finally I picked out these pretty gold foil paper trees to complete the space.

What do you guys think? Thanks so much for taking a look into our living room! It was nice having you over.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Minted.

Photos by Joshua Vasko for Freckled Italian.

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