Brand Highlight: Spiegel

When it comes to shopping, I tend to be looking for just one or two new things for my closet at a time. I love browsing and I love clothes, but I'm not always one to just buy things randomly. I can go a long time without a shopping spree! But sometimes a website comes along that's really easy to use and the prices are great and I find myself suddenly "needing" a lot more! I go from only maybe needing a white cocktail dress for my bachelorette party to suddenly adding jumpsuits, jewelry, and shoes to my list!

I'm here today to talk to you a little bit about Spiegel. They're a brand that's been growing and evolving since 1912. You can learn more on their awesome About page. Spiegel is incredibly interested in trends and ever-changing style, as you can see from their Trends page. And they've also launched Ultimate Outlet, which you can use to find pieces at discounted prices (some start as low as $6.00)!

Spiegel has an abundance of beautiful pieces and their site is really easy to navigate--I'm totally loving some of their dresses! I've got my eye on this one, and this springy skirt is on my warm-weather wishlist. I really appreciate the way they've set up their site by trends, colors, and items--it really makes finding that piece you didn't know you needed so easy. What are some of your Spiegel favorites? Mine are pictured above (clockwise from top left): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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