That Time I Started a Business

A few weeks ago, I put on a sparkly leopard print dress and some red lipstick and had a little photo shoot in the kitchen. I was in need of a photo for the "About" page of a new website that had been in the works for some time. I ended up not using it, but it was fun, and I'm just narcissistic enough and have a blog, so I can show it to you anyway. Here you go:

What I found while looking through and editing this series of pictures was that I became obsessed with the following questions: Are these good enough? Are they blurry? Do they fit in with what I'm trying to do? Can you see my boobs?

I'm not sure I've ever cared so much about something. I finally decided to try something else, and before I knew it, the website was done. I can tell you now that I haven't ever cared so much about something. This has been a dream of mine for longer than I even knew it.

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Cave Girl Consulting is open for business.

If you are new to or thinking about Paleo, I'm here to help you. I have a variety of services that I think will benefit you and I can't wait to get started. More than anything, I am excited to bring my passion for Paleo even more to life by helping people transform their own lifestyles.

As a thank-you and in celebration of the launch of Cave Girl, I'd like to offer the first five people to book a package 50% off their entire purchase. Just mention this blog post in your email.

(FYI there is currently something missing from the Services page: the Fixed Menu package also comes with four half-hour Skype calls! And the contact form is having some trouble so be sure to just send me an email to megan(at)cavegirlconsulting(dot)com.)

I totally have to thank my family and my friends for supporting me so much and giving me advice throughout this whole endeavor. Rob, my mom, dad, brother, MelissaWhitneyJennaJackieEliza, and Sarah. You guys are rad and I love you. And endless love and thanks to the beautiful Kelly Ann for designing yet another one of my dreams. You are an angel.